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Nintendo Direct: Monster Hunter Generations officially announced

04/03/2016 10:40
Earlier today, a trademark for a game called Monster Hunter "Generations" was leaked online. It was thought that Generations was the western version of Monster Hunter X and it turns out that was accurate.  In today's Direct, Nintendo has confirmed that the next Western entry in the...

The Best Games of February 2016

04/03/2016 10:38
Feb. 2, 2016: Gravity Rush Remastered - 7/10Peter Brown, Gravity Rush Remastered Review - "Gravity Rush's physics-defying gameplay attracted a following when it arrived on Vita in 2012, and now it's found a second wind on PlayStation 4 in a remastered version that...

Capcom vows to punish Street Fighter V rage quitters

01/03/2016 15:40
Back in the good old days rage quitting involved bitter anger, a lot of swear words and sometimes a broken keyboard or two. Nowadays it can have more far-reaching consequences, as some players have discovered in Street Fighter V. Basically, if a player quits an online game when it seems...

The weird economics behind Steam prices around the world

01/03/2016 15:40
Article by Bo Moore PC gamers love Steam for its convenience and its mod communities and its vast catalog. But above all, we love it for one thing: prices. Sales. Digital games don't carry the manufacturing and distribution overhead that plague physical discs, bringing prices down in the...
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