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1000 Web Games offers you thousands of cool online fullscreen games that will satisfy the needs of all types of players. There are more than 1000 games to play in our arcade site.
Some of the popular fighter games are those that are themed on karate and boxing. These beat em up games will make the kids squeal in delight and make the adults fight with the kids for a piece of the action. At 1000 Web Games you can play thousand free games like action games and they will pump up your adrenaline while you play cool browser based games.
To twist the sharpest minds we have some puzzle and platform games that will stretch your intelligence to its limit. If you thought that you were a likely candidate for the grand prix, try your hands in burning the lanes with the racing and driving games like 3D Racing.
The retro or classic web games will make both adults and kid squeal with delight and they will love to play them again and again. At 1000 Web Games you will find a nice selection of sports games like pool, football or golf. Take a look at multiplayer games section to play games with your friends and chat. Our 1000 games catalogue is full with fun and cool games.

Car Games

Are Car Games Really Good for You?

Some parents would ask themselves if car games would actually encourage children to drive in a reckless manner. Most people have nothing against different kinds of games, whether these are played using gaming consoles or the computer. These are really fun to play with; but there are actually...

Mario Games

Mario Games - Play Free Mario Games Online

In the middle of 1985 the first Mario game came out in Japan, and later in the United States. Mario is one of the most famous Character in video games, and although he has already been a secondary character in some games, it did not stop Mario from being the Main Character in his own Mario games....

Shooting Games

Playing Shooting Games for Free

Despite the popularity of shooting games, there are still people who miss out on the fun of such games. They base such impression from the violent nature of the game; that these games would only cause people to be filled with hate and anger. They would also tend to relate the increasing criminal...